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We transform businesses into innovative digital enterprises using our experience and a vast network of startups, academia and engineering teams from Central and Eastern Europe.


Connecting the Innovators

We connect our corporate clients and investors with the innovative startups and academia from Central and Eastern Europe in a virtuous circle of increasing value.


We will help you to find the right investment opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe. We also provide technology related assurance for your peace of mind. Hire us as a CTO representing your interests within your portfolio.


We will help you to define your digital ambition and strategy. We bring in ideas and solutions from our innovative network. We build quick proofs of concept and design experiences that customers love. We will help you to build your digital capability in-house, near-shored or white-labelled.

Founders and Entrepreneurs

We will help you to build the prototype for your business idea. We help with technology related decisions and we can build your engineering team in-house, near-shored or white-labelled. Hire us as your CTO, your consultant or your delivery partner. Remuneration by equity welcome.


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